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  • March 31, 2020
  • by GabrielDominguez
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This one is for all the tourist visiting Puerto Rico and specifically wanting to explore the east coast of Puerto Rico.

Why visit the east coast area?

The east coast zone of Puerto Rico is considered as one of the most appealing in the whole Caribbean. If you are looking to see the most beautiful beaches, rainforests, bioluminescent bays, reefs and all boating activities look no more. The area starting from Luquillo to Humacao has over 50 miles of coast with some breathtaking sites. First beach you should check out is Luquillo. This has been for years one of the top beach spot in PR with white yellow sand, mostly calm currents and overlooking the Yunque rain forest on the back ground. One of the best reason to come here is that, when you get hungry you can visit one of the dozens of restaurants right next to it. If you ask us we will recommend “La Parrilla”, for the best seafood in Puerto Rico this is the place.

Another main attraction is El Yunque off course, anyone that enjoys nature at its finest should visit. You have to get out of your car and walk in order to enjoy this experience. Keep on driving east and you will find “Las Cabezas de San Juan” reserve, this one is located in Fajardo close to the Conquistador Hotel. It possesses one of Puerto Rico bioluminescent bays and a mangrove reservation that you can visit with kayaks.

3 miles off the coast in Fajardo you can find the beginning of small islands that are known as the Spanish Virgin Islands. Some of them are Palomino, Icacos, Culebra and Vieques. They offer really good white sand beaches, reefs for snorkeling, sailboat and motor boating activities. The island vibe you will experience here is unique it’s definitely a must do. 

Best time to visit?

Puerto Rico has good weather all year round, but the best climate to experience yachting, boating or sailing is June to September. I know is hurricane season, but they tend to stay away from PR for the most part.

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