• March 24, 2020
  • by GabrielDominguez
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Icaco Facts

Calcium mine & families

Let me tell you the first time I listened to this story I couldn’t believe it. Our beloved island of Icacos was a calcium mine at the beginning of the 20th century. Another crazy fact is that five families used to live on this island back in 1938. Every time I visit Icacos I take pictures, and on some occasions I take pictures with flying drones. When taking these drone pictures I’ve realized that there are five huge pools full of water in the center of this beautiful island. After many years of reading I realized that it was because the previous owner had a calcium mine dedicated to feed the agricultural needs of the sugarcane industry in the early 1900s. We all know that Icacos island is today a super busy spot for private yachts, sailboats and catamarans. In some days you can even spot dolphins and whales during the mating season, very different from what happened many years ago. 

What the families did

They used to exploit the soil in the center of the island and extract salty material, then they would load it into boats at the old dock you can still see on the east side of the island. This boat will take the salt rock materials into Fajardo, it would then be carried to two big ovens that still sit in the Puerto real coast. In these ovens it would be dried and refined so that it would later be carried away to the sugarcane plantations. Nowadays all the sugarcane plantations in Puerto Rico have disappeared and the economy has changed significantly on the island. Tourism now plays a really big part of the economy of Puerto Rico, a lot of people from all over the world come here to enjoy our beaches, rain forest, food, and historical buildings. The east coast of Puerto Rico has become the most popular for boating activities on the island. There are about 20 different small islands, sandbars in small keys that can be explored. Around this area you can do snorkeling all day long, the sea turtles have also recuperated incredibly in the last 10 years. The effort of many nature lovers has helped the sea turtle population achieve A healthy number. 

There is always a time in the year where all these crystal clear waters get full of jellyfish, it lasts for about one full month. The sea turtles keep all this jellyfish at bay. That way we can continue to enjoy this area without getting stained by jellyfish, thank you see turtles! So now you know this is a little bit more history on your favorite island of Puerto Rico, next time you visit here please let everyone know a little bit more about the story.  I imagine that there will be a day in which icacos Island might even have its own hotel to service all the tourists that want to visit each and every day. Until that dream happens we will continue taking tourists from all over the world in our private yacht charter day trips.