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  • March 27, 2020
  • by GabrielDominguez
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…and adjacent islands

Puerto Rico is an island in the middle of the Caribbean and Atlantic ocean. We have hundreds of beaches all around the island that are visited by tourist year round. Even though Puerto Rico has a lot of mountains, we could probably agree that the main attraction here are the beaches and ocean activities. There are many beach spots with beautiful white sand that don’t require a boat or a yacht to be able to enjoy them. But if you ask anyone where are the prime spots for white sand and beautiful reefs they will all tell you to get a boat or yacht in order to visit them.

Puerto Rico East Coast

We can divide the boating attractions in three main areas. The East Coast, south of Puerto Rico and southern west coast. On the East Coast the main municipality for boating is Fajardo, this town has more boat marinas than the rest of Puerto Rico added up together. It also serves as headquarters for department of homeland security and border patrol. The reason is because the east coast of Puerto Rico faces the United States Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, French Virgin Islands, Dutch islands and several other small islands that are small countries  themselves.

Culebra & Culebrita

One of the best islands in the Caribbean for boating is Culebra.  This beautiful small island belongs to Puerto Rico and has a lot of beaches, snorkeling spots, restaurants and bars that tourists from all over the world enjoy. It’s most famous beach is flamenco, but if you have a boat or a yacht and can make it to Tortuga Bay in Culebrita then you are in for a treat. Some of the attractions in Tortuga Bay are that is the house of multiple turtles and there is a rocky area that breaks the waves causing natural small hot pools.


The island of Vieques is another world famous spot full of retirees from all over the United States. This beautiful island was once training ground for the United States Navy, but that is no longer the case. The most famous bay in Vieques would have to be the bioluminescent bay. Closer to the Fajardo area on the east coast of Puerto Rico you can also find around 10 small Cays that are becoming very popular in recent years because of their proximity and beauty. The most visited small Cays are Palomino island, Icacos island, Lobo island and Piñeiro island. The good thing about all of this closer spots is that you can go island hopping and enjoy all of them in one day, they all possess their own beauty and island vibe. On the south-side of Puerto Rico the most popular place its Salinas and ponce. The island of Caja de Muertos is beautiful and close by, worth a shot. The southwest coast is another prime destination in “la isla del encanto”, cayo Aurora or Gilligan’s island is the most visited Cay over there. It has beautiful crystal clear water just like the islands adjacent to Fajardo.